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So, you're looking to have your dog trained to compete. With careful attention and skilled training, any dog can learn to be competition ready.

In Training K9 Services has the best competitive dog trainers in the nearby area and we're so very passionate about what we do. Our competition obedience training is intensive and thorough, capable of turning any one of your four-legged friends into an obedient champion, but also a more affectionate and loving pet.

Give us a ring at (778) 581-4207 and we'll talk about how we can get you started!

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Personalized Dog Competition and Social Obedience Training

If you're interested in our competitive training program, we'll first schedule a no-obligation consultation. Our trainer meets with you and your dog to discuss exactly what you want their training to be focused on and what you hope to have them compete in as well.

Depending on your dog's pre-existing behavior or previous obedience training, we'll suggest a course of action for training that will optimize their experience and their skill. We're flexible in our scheduling and our pricing. Just give us a call!

A Certified and Experienced Competitive Dog Trainer

Our main trainer, John, has been in the business of competition dog obedience training for most of his life. He's received formal certification, but he is a proven expert in his own right as he never fails to get results with every client and every dog, he has the pleasure of working with. His training methods focus on positive reinforcement and consistent practice, all while making sure to give dogs the proper care they need. His commitment and hard work will be sure to impress.

Professional Dog Trainer for Competitions

When you're looking to get your dog trained to compete, you want the very best. In Training K9 Services is committed to making sure all dogs are trained to their full potential, while being loved and recognized for their efforts.

Our obedience training ranges from pre-novice to utility (the highest level), and there are always rewards for good performance. Distraction training is included in the program as we want your dogs to be fully focused on their trials.

We offer a flexible service that can be adapted to each household and each situation. We offer in-home training as well as facility-based lessons when specialized practice equipment for training is needed.

Reliable Competition Obedience Training

We know how important it is for our clients to be sure they've chosen the right trainer for their dog. We encourage you to check out our client testimonials and reviews on Google. You'll soon see just how good we are at what we do.

If that isn't enough, all dogs trained by us have a lifetime training guarantee! This means that if ever you find that our training has been inefficient within the terms agreed to, we'll offer additional training free of charge. We want your experience with us to be easy and stress-free.

Call the Best Competition Dog Trainer Around!

We'll have your dog ready for competition in no time. Call us at (778) 581-4207 to schedule a skill assessment!