In-Training K9 Services

We offer a wide variety of training options, tailored to fit the needs of our clients. These vary between individual 1:1 and group options. Some of our choices are as follows:

Puppy classes: this is initially aimed towards helping new puppy owners being proactive from the very start! Avoid bad habits! Then moves into basic focus and puppy socialization.

Focus work: ranging from basic to advanced, either in a small group setting, individually or a bit of both.

Socialization classes: these often include a variety of settings, both at our facility or in public places.

Various types of behaviour modification training- including dog aggression, people aggression, leash pulling, not following commands. This type of training could often take place in your own home, or in places where the behaviour is more apparent. Depending on the situation, this could also involve intensive training on our premises where the dog may be boarded whilst in training.

Protection Work

Schutzhund/IPO training- this involves the 3 disciplines of control, protection and tracking. It is a high intensity sport that involves a high level of commitment as the handlers prepare for Regional, Provincial and National level of competition.

Training seminars in the disciplines of control, protection or tracking are held.