Daniel and Bear

I am the proud owner of Bear, a pup from your 2015 breeding. A bit of background. I'm a retired Canadian Forces officer and worked in police training for many years after. Dogs have always been integral to my work and personal life. German Shepherd Dogs have always been my partner of choice.

My last dog, Sable passed away four years ago. I was fortunate enough have had Bear come into my life. He is a formidable dog. Well, person. Bear is pure black, 110 pounds, incredibly intelligent and stable. His hips are perfect and physically, he is perhaps the most impressive shepherd I've seen in years.

When you couple this with superior intelligence, working ability and drives, this guy is world beater. While I am currently not competing or "working," he retains the edge that makes him the ideal personal and family guardian. His natural ability to assess situations and take the appropriate action is amazing. He is just as happy rounding up kids at the dog park to play with them as he is to protect our property or indeed, keep an appropriate space bubble around me when we are in public.

This fellow could work today as either a therapy dog or as a Military/Police K9 and be just as effective at both. It took me over three years to find the ideal dog but I'm happy to say that I have. The Tierkerhook line is well represented. Thanks so much for breeding such a fine dog and please use me as a reference anytime. I'm happy to show Bear off.

Anne, Sheree and Shiloh

"After the passing of our two beloved german shepherds in a short period we were so fortunate to be introduced to Johnny. “Shiloh” was Johnny’s pick of one of his litters to train as a sport dog but he graciously changed his plans and Shiloh come home to be part of our family. We are so pleased with Shiloh, she is incredibly athletic and strong, a sound dog with a sound temperament, and a loving and cuddly personality. Johnny has been with us every step of the way. As experienced shepherd owners we were aware of the time and energy commitment but Johnny’s training sessions, both private and group, have improved our handling techniques and kept Shiloh engaged and focussed. Every question we have come up with Johnny has responded to in a timely manner with a workable solution. We feel very fortunate to have both Shiloh and Johnny as part of our lives! Since Johnny moved we travel to train with him, making the trip from Kelowna to Powell River so that we can continue to keep Shiloh in top condition and have enjoyed our stay at his new training facility.

Anne and Sheree Morgenstern

Buddy and Mike

We adopted our dog Buddy from the SPCA in December 2013. Like most dogs it is hard to say exactly how they will behave when they come home with you. Buddy started having what looked like some aggressive behavior with a neighboring dog over the first month. He would charge the fence and it looked like he wanted to attack the dog on the other side. We hired a trainer (of which I will keep it nameless) who was completely incompetent. She tried to tell us that the barking at dogs outside and charging of the fence could be solved by covering the windows with paper and building a false snow fence in the backyard. Needless to say she did not know at all what she was doing or what she was dealing with.

We were very worried that we had just got a dog that was going to keep us on edge for the next 10+ years and contemplated bringing him back, which is something we said we would NEVER do. Before making what would have been a very difficult choice we contacted Johnny Menezes from www.intrainingk9.com. Johnny assessed the bad behaviors and had Buddy under control in under 2mins and said “He is not a bad dog..he is just immature and needs training”. We then worked over the course of ~5 sessions to work on skiddish behavior around the fence in our yard, downtown with skateboards and bicycles that previously annoyed him. Fast forward ~ 1 year and we have a really amazing dog that could have potentially been put down. He never goes for the fence. He can sit in the yard all day long and ignore the neighbor’s dog, barks at an acceptable amount when people are around the house and constantly burns off energy on the trail when we take him biking and hiking. He is still young and excitable, but all his behaviors are 100% manageable and mostly adorable. We just cannot believe the changes. We learned that there are lots of trainers out there, but you have to be careful because Buddy’s destiny has totally changed for the best because of Johnny.

Thanks Johnny!

Jacqueline: Biche and Tia

Tia and I met Johnny Menezes in 2011. Tia was a cunning, very fit 9 year old Malinois with lots of drive, so Johnny invited me to train with him in Schutzhund. Tia, (nicknamed 'Little Old Lady' by Johnny), got solid and strong in her bite on the sleeve. She became better focused and stronger with the careful training. In the first 2 pics she is shown working with Johnny at age 10. I am grateful Johnny believed in my dog for who she was, a proud dog who loved to work. She lived her senior years with dignity and happiness till taken by cancer at age 12.

My new dog, "Q' Bichette van het Heragamhoff" (Biche) began foundation puppy training with Johnny in Schutzhund. The emphasis began in focus -a key to establishing good communication. Puppy bitework began and little Biche quickly learned to engage her trainer Johnny, (posing as decoy) in play and to be comfortable biting and holding the tug calmly. This was so much fun, hilarious at times as Biche would often run up the front of Johnny in order to keep hold of her precious tug! Her full grip developed and in training Biche always displayed happiness and confidence. Biche is shown in 2014 pics of her working from young puppy to 10 months old

Johnny instructed so I could practice what we learned in all facets of focus training, as well as tracking. My growing handful of Malligator energy presses me on to training and we look forward to training with Johnny and the wonderful group of people and more Schutzhund adventures in our future!

Jacqueline Correia

Colby and Ferris

I have been coming to Johnny ever since I got Ferris as a puppy. We got Ferris from a puppy mill and she was in rough shape with an aggressive personality and needed a lot of help. Now after working with Johnny she is a different dog.

Colby Russell

Flaman Fitness

Store Manager, Vernon BC

Sheri and Halo

I have been training with Johnny since 2011. I have a dog that has a strong pedigree background competing in schutzhund. When I started I did not know much about the sport, I knew that I loved the German Shepherd breed, having owned a few before. I got started with obedience and tracking in Westbank, but could not get the protection portion as it was not offered where I was training. I met Johnny as our kids went to the same school. My dog was only 6 months old and we started bite work. I trained with Johnny for the next 2 years before I competed in my first BH/IPO1. I had never competed in anything before, I was very nervous. I was attempting to complete my BH and IPO 1 in one weekend, something that nobody does. Johnny was able to help me with my nerves as well as making sure that my dog would pass. I passed and am now working toward my IPO 2&3. I try to train as much as I can, about 2 days a week. Johnny is a great trainer and has helped me by making my dog have a purpose: she has a very happy life as she has a job. I do not have any issues with her chewing, messing in the house, or barking. She is a very obedient dog that can be taken anywhere with confidence, knowing that she would not be an issue in any setting. Thank you Johnny for giving my dog a purpose.

Penny and Lexi

Lexi and I enrolled in Johnny’s 10 week training program, we have been to other trainers but I was looking for something more. We knew sit, stay, and down from previous trainers but I wanted a challenge for us. I spend all day, everyday with Lexi as she comes to work with me. It is imperative to me that she be well behaved, and 100% reliable at all times. I work in construction and she is on the job sites with me, and comes with me to the lumber yard and the bank. I explained to Johnny what I was looking for and he tailored our training around my needs. I definitely got was I was looking for and am eager to learn more. I would like to get into protection training and I can’t think of a better trainer to go to. I have seen his dog, and other dogs he has trained in action and it is truly amazing to see. If you want a serious trainer who is willing to get down to business and train you and your dog Johnny is the man to see! I can’t wait to start my next set off lessons.

Penny & Lexi

Jenna and Jodi with dogs Lumin and Yukon

Johnny helped us navigate through unfamiliar situations with our dog and her on leash aggression. through a six week personal training we went from being afraid to take our dog for a walk to being comfortable handling her in all situations. Johnny taught us the correct approach in training and working with our dog- and more importantly how WE need to be confident and change our approach.

Highly recommend using In Training K9 dog training services!

Jenna and Jody (Lumin and Yukon!)